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  1. Mix with some water and a small bit of detergent-then flush down the drain.
  2. That's a lot of electoral votes to flush down the toilet for some bedraggled Third World country.
  3. Simply put, he is a despicable little miscreant whom Capulous would not hesitate to flush down the drain if the need arose.
  4. He convinces Jim to flush down his anti-depressants to make himself feel more relaxed and to reveal his face behind the depressants, his true identity.
  5. I'm not sure who I believe, but one thing I know for sure; I don't care to have anything to do with stuff the Big Apple flushes down its toilets.
  6. "Most Canadians assume that anything we pour down the sink or flush down the toilet gets treated before it reaches the water, " said Malone of the St . John's action program.
  7. He and Fry teach Leela to stop caring about other people and care only about herself, and as a result, Bender is able to fight off the beast, whom he eventually flushes down a giant toilet into the sub-sewers.
  8. The torsos and limbs of the three victims killed at this address would be dissected within a week or so of their murder before being wrapped in plastic bags and stowed in the three locations he had indicated to police; the internal organs and smaller bones he would flush down the toilet.
  9. Granted, this was only 1 / 4th of IGN's numbers at the time ( though certainly respectable by any standards and on par with others like GX-Gamers . com, FGN, and Gamefan ), but we didn't have $ 1 billion ( with a b ) to flush down to the toilet either.
  10. September 29, 1999, the Archangel day, some Catholic parishioners Phuong Lam and surrounding areas, then act as Doc Mo, Gia Kiem, Ho Nai, and Ho Chi Minh City . . . flush down the region bordering the Tanh Linh and Phuong Lam desire is witnessed strange phenomena such as words of three pupils in previous methods.
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