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  1. Actually, you could use an aerosol spray enamel as a finish coat.
  2. When you repaint, use a latex primer-sealer before applying the finish coats.
  3. If your finish coat is white, then one coat is needed.
  4. If the finish coat is a different color, apply two coats.
  5. I know I need two finish coats, and already I am getting chipping.
  6. Then prime with a lead-free paint before applying your finish coats of paint.
  7. Hammond said, adding that the wax will prevent the finish coat from adhering properly.
  8. Latex paint as a finish coat has ruled for years.
  9. Some sanding of the finish coat is usually required to get a smooth surface.
  10. You have a choice of finish coats : An oil-based enamel or latex house paint.
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