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  1. The angel shows her a series of images demonstrating the stupidity of current trends in female celebrities, and the images feature Pink in various roles, including a dancer in a 50 Cent video, a girl attempting to attract the attention of an instructor at the gym, a girl who uses her emergency inflatable breasts at a bowling alley, a girl at a tanning salon, a girl with purging disorder who considers calories " " so " not sexy ", an old woman in a pink tracksuit who looks as if she is trying too hard to look young, a girl getting plastic surgery, a girl making a sex tape, a girl washing her car and rubbing a facecloth and soap all over herself, and a girl who goes into what looks like a pet shop, buys an " itsy bitsy doggy " with the advertisement that it " stays younger longer ", and drives her car so carelessly while putting on makeup that she runs over two people.

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