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  1. The Fourier mass spectrometer used a strong electrical field to trap and excite ions and measure the resulting electrical signals.
  2. As example, the energy transfer upconversion process ( ETU ), consists in successive transfer processes between excited ions in the near infrared.
  3. But the highly charged atmosphere was as much from Woods'eagerly awaited return as it was from the overly excited ions snapping in the area.
  4. The excited ions can also decay spontaneously ( spontaneous emission ) or even through nonradiative processes involving interactions with phonons of the glass matrix.
  5. "' Cooperative luminescence "'is the radiative process in which two excited ions simultaneously make downward transition to emit one photon with the sum of their excitation energies.
  6. The excited ion emits light above the Si bandgap that is absorbed by the solar cell and creates an additional electron hole pair that can generate current.
  7. Cross-relaxation is a process in which an excited state ion transfers energy to a ground state ion of the same type producing two excited ions of intermediate energy.
  8. The pump laser excites ions into a higher energy from where they can decay via stimulated emission of a photon at the signal wavelength back to a lower energy level.
  9. The ground-state ion is formed by removal of an electron from the highest occupied molecular orbital, while excited ions are formed by removal of an electron from a lower occupied orbital.
  10. For example, Itano et al .'s methodology could be improved ( by lowering the time needed for state determination of the excited ion ) if a more efficient process were found for the detection of fluorescence radiation using 194 nm photons.
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