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  1. OSL uses light to excite electrons and cause the emission of photons.
  2. They come from excited electrons relaxing from higher energy levels to lower ones.
  3. Infrared is too weak, it can't excite electrons sufficiently to power an organism.
  4. However, these primary electrons carry far too much energy to directly excite electrons.
  5. Excited electrons in the Sun give off light as photons.
  6. The excited electrons are injected into the conduction band of the TiO 2 electrode.
  7. In essence, the spin of the excited electron is reversed.
  8. The excited electron whizzes off, leaving a positively charged ion.
  9. Charge carriers ( such as thermally excited electrons ) constantly diffuse around inside a conductive material.
  10. These excited electrons can tunnel across the barrier.
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