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  1. As a result, the " excitation wave " propagates in this medium.
  2. Any " classical " excitation wave moves in an excitable medium without attenuation, maintaining its shape and amplitude constant.
  3. Rensma PL, Allessie MA, Lammers WJ, Bonke FI, and Schalij MJ . Length of excitation wave and susceptibility to reentrant atrial arrhythmias in normal conscious dogs.
  4. The certain size of the core of the reverberator is conditioned by that the excitation wave, which circulates in a closed path, should completely fit in this path without bumping into its own refractory tail.
  5. In the continuum approximation of matter ( useful since EM waves are useful much larger than atoms ), the superposition of the excitation wave and polarization wave is a new wavefront of the same frequency but slower velocity.

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