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  1. This equivalence relation is a semigroup congruence, as defined above.
  2. The affine concept of parallelism forms an equivalence relation on lines.
  3. Binary relations that are both reflexive and Euclidean are equivalence relations.
  4. This defines an equivalence relation on the set of almost homomorphisms.
  5. since x \ sim _ j y is an equivalence relation.
  6. For example, an equivalence relation possesses cycles but is transitive.
  7. Any homomorphism defines an equivalence relation on by if and only if.
  8. Like any equivalence relation, a semigroup congruence \ sim induces congruence classes
  9. In the next step, one imposes a set of equivalence relations.
  10. This equivalence relation is an abstraction of the germ equivalence described above.
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