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  1. Each congener has been given a toxicity equivalence factor ( TEF ).
  2. It needs a definition of the equivalence factor, which depends on the definition of equivalents.
  3. Normality is defined as the molar concentration c _ i divided by an equivalence factor f _ \ mathrm { eq }.
  4. In each group there were classes based on engine displacement ( with a 1.4 equivalence factor for forced induction engines ).
  5. Since the definition of the equivalence factor depends on context ( which reaction is being studied ), IUPAC and NIST discourage the use of normality.
  6. Since only 0.5 mol of H 2 SO 4 are needed to neutralize 1 mol of OH  ", the equivalence factor is:
  7. With a 1.4 equivalence factor for forced induction engines, this meant that the downsized engine was classified as being of 1296.4 cc.
  8. The definition of the equivalence factor varies depending on the type of chemical reaction that is discussed : It may refer to equations, bases, redox species, precipitating ions, or isotopes.
  9. Andr?Chambas had modified his 4.5L engine by adding twin-superchargers which ( by using the x1.4 supercharge-equivalence factor ) meant his car ( # 6 ) had the biggest effective engine capacity and started at the head of the grid.
  10. The four primary improvements were that they included the entire surface of the Earth in biocapacity estimates, allocated space for other ( i . e ., non-human ) species, updated the basis of equivalence factors from agricultural land to net primary productivity ( NPP ), and refined the carbon component of the footprint based on the latest global carbon models.
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