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  1. The bank s own funds were converted into equity share capital and primary capital.
  2. SAIL and DVC agreed to participate in the equity share capital of BPSCL in 50 : 50 ratio.
  3. The Government of India held 100 per cent of the equity share capital and owned by government of India.
  4. It would provide to the TANGEDCO the project cost of Rs . 8, 000 crore as equity share capital assistance.
  5. A senior official says that the State government's annual contribution to equity share capital assistance to the TANGEDCO can be linked with the project.
  6. It has acquired Satyam Cineplexes Limited by way of acquisition of 100 % of the equity share capital from its existing shareholders which is valued at Rs 182 crores.
  7. A rights issue to existing shareholders having failed to secure more than minimal take-up, the government subsequently found itself owning more than 57 % of the bank's equity share capital.
  8. In 2016, Platinum Partners advised Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company on its proposed sale of a majority stake in the equity share capital of Mphasis Limited, an Indian listed company, to the Blackstone Group.
  9. "' Growth and yield modelling "'is a branch of the subject financial management . this method is also known as Gordon constant growth model . in this method the cost of equity share capital by determining the sum of yield percentage and growth percentage . " ""
  10. IL & FS will hold 80 % of the total equity in Maytas Properties ( MPL ), as per the order issued by the CLB on Thursday . " The IL & FS group will reconstruct the capital of the company by investing Rs 20 lakh in equity share capital of the company to be issued at par whereby the total paid-up capital of the company stands increased to Rs 25 lakh, " corporate affairs minister Salman Khurshid said.
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