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  1. That is becoming more crucial as ordinary Italian increasingly buy equity shares.
  2. The Heineken Group holds 42.4 % equity shares in United Breweries Ltd.
  3. Capital markets for debt and equity shares are used to raise long-term funds.
  4. Their company offers you an equity share and the whole thing.
  5. The Centre and state governments contributed each as equity share for the project.
  6. Rising equity shares were not easy and mobilization of deposits even more difficult.
  7. ICON, 3 million American depository shares, each representing one equity share.
  8. Infosys Technologies, 5.2 million American depository shares, each representing half an equity share.
  9. Eventually, I repaid him by giving him an equity share in my company.
  10. The bank s own funds were converted into equity share capital and primary capital.
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