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"entire contract" meaning in Hindi  


  1. "The insurance doesn't pay the entire contract.
  2. He said AT & AMP; T had bid for the entire contract.
  3. The entire contract under the new terms is valued at $ 502 million.
  4. The entire contract, excluding shipping, was only $ 2, 000.
  5. "It doesn't mean they'll reject the entire contract.
  6. And while he did not endorse the entire contract, Dole issued an encouraging statement.
  7. One national vaccine expert raised concerns about awarding the entire contract to just one company.
  8. Together, those items averaged 25 percent of the entire contract, the official said.
  9. This $ 18 million, is that for an entire contract or for an annual salary?
  10. The final price of $ 40 million for the entire contract was agreed upon in 1963.
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