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  1. The idea of no entanglements is very appealing to American actresses.
  2. And Finster never quite emerges as the dangerous entanglement we expect.
  3. Here's her advice on the top 10 legal entanglements:
  4. These entanglements often turned amorous, to Schneebaum's delight.
  5. Their painfully dysfunctional entanglements of family are as unavoidable as death.
  6. It works to prevent church-state entanglements like school vouchers.
  7. Hassan said he understood there were security problems and bureaucratic entanglements.
  8. I never had an on-screen romantic entanglement until now.
  9. Whatever we do, we cannot get out of that entanglement.
  10. Despite hardships and legal entanglements over album rights, Anthrax continued.
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