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  1. In 2017, 2 Combat Engineer Regiment will celebrate its 40th anniversary; at the same time, Neder Rijn Engineer Park will be 20.
  2. "We've witnessed eagles flying into limbs and rock bluffs, almost like they're drunk, " said Doyle G . Manis, a Corps of Engineers park ranger who patrols DeGray Lake.
  3. "It's not unusual to take a few years to solve one of these cases, " said James R . Young, the Corps of Engineers park manager of DeGray Lake, " but this one's a real mystery ."
  4. Following appeals by prosecutors and the accused, on 28 April 2015 Captain Lee was found guilty of murder and his sentence increased to life imprisonment, while those for 14 other crew members were reduced to a maximum of 12 years, including 10 years for chief engineer Park, whose murder conviction was overturned.
  5. On 15 May, Captain Lee Jun-seok, First Mate Kang Won-sik ( who was responsible for managing the ship's ballast ), Second Mate Kim Young-ho, and Chief Engineer Park Gi-ho were indicted on charges of homicide through gross negligence ( also described as murder ), which carry a potential death penalty.
  6. In 1903 the steamboat was running on the short commuter route across Elliott Bay between Seattle and West Seattle, and was operated by the vessel's owners, Captains Charles H . Gaffner and J . Holbrook, Chief Engineer Parks, and Purser Greenwood . engaged in a rate war first with the small passenger-only steamer " City of Seattle ".
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