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  1. Only two ( Merlin-engined ) Mk Vs were built.
  2. The smaller engined version used the 1800 cc Rostyle " wheels.
  3. Latterly the flights were operated by four-engined Short Sandringhams.
  4. Imp-engined outfits are still regularly championed in classic racing.
  5. The mid-engined revolution rendered another potentially revolutionary car obsolete.
  6. This subculture was engined by skateboarding, surfing and hardcore punkrock.
  7. In 1904 trials were carried out of two petrol engined railcars.
  8. Layout is front mid-engined and rear-wheel drive.
  9. About 90 four-engined bombers flew over in two waves.
  10. High speed four engined transports made the former wooden glider unsafe.
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