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  1. These words are known as the enacting formula.
  2. The Short Title, Enacting Formula and the Long Title are adopted by a simple majority.
  3. The Committee suggested certain amendments in the Enacting Formula and clauses 1 and 3 of the Bill.
  4. In that situation, the enacting formula that appears in the final text of the adopted statute is as follows:
  5. It was signed by the Emperor and countersigned by his responsible Ministers, and contained an enacting formula as follows:
  6. The Constitution of South Africa, not being a conventional Act of Parliament, does not contain an enacting formula " per se ".
  7. The usual enacting formula, used on other Acts, also refers to the advice and consent of the Lords Temporal, and omits the reference to the Parliament Acts.
  8. It consists of ( 1 ) the title, ( 2 ) the enacting formula, ( 3 ) the body of the Bill which is divided into clauses with the statement of objects and reasons
  9. This enacting formula emphasizes that, although legally the bill is being enacted by the Queen of the United Kingdom ( specifically, by the Queen-in-Parliament ), it is not through her initiative but through that of Parliament that legislation is created.
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