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  1. Federal funding created new demands for embossed books and the Printing House soon outgrew its rooms at the Kentucky School for the Blind.
  2. Improvements were continually sought for a better stereograph, a faster press  anything that would lower the cost of embossed book production.
  3. Another is a slender gray stone pipe that was produced by an artist of the Micmac people; the surface looks like an elaborately embossed book binding.
  4. In the remaining years of the 19th century, the APH production of embossed books increased dramatically, growing from a 15-page publications catalog in 1894 to a 100-page listing ten years later.
  5. The first copies of the gold-embossed book, " The Autobiography of Howard Hughes, " arrived at Irving's temporary home in Santa Fe, N . M ., last week.

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