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  1. Rock and debris fell to Earth up to 30 kilometers from the volcano.
  2. To keep the musicians synchronized, Stockhausen sent metronomic clicks from earth up to their headphones.
  3. These proceeded from layers of earth up to two meters thick, which are still visible today.
  4. Such features exist on the Moon, Mars, and Venus, but had not been seen on Earth up to that time.
  5. The temple was constructed by burying completed portions in inclined layers of earth up which heavy pieces of stone were dragged.
  6. It is commonly use in small farms or in ridges or rows of vegetables to hoewing or earth up the weeds.
  7. The clumping of the continents at the South Pole about 600 million years ago could have tipped the Earth up, he said.
  8. "The earth up here has its own smell, " says Lisa Savard, who, with her husband, Tim, guides flyfishermen from novice to expert.
  9. The entire belt of walls surrounding the town and the exterior plain was filled with earth up to the top of the fortifications.
  10. The revolutionary design also entailed berming the earth up to the window sills to conserve energy needed for heating and cooling the building.
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