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  1. No wonder, since predicting earth tremors is far from an exact science.
  2. Earth tremors began in February, becoming more frequent over the next two months.
  3. This region has experienced geological subsidence, and earth tremors are frequent.
  4. Pot hunters and earth tremors have ravaged the Southern Temple in Petra, Jordan.
  5. The James Bay Project is subject to earth tremors near the hydroelectric dams.
  6. That was because of a two-day labor strike and an increase in earth tremors.
  7. Frequent low intensity earth tremors and occasional volcanic activity are felt throughout the islands.
  8. "A few earth tremors accompanied the exhalation, which quickly subsided, " the agency said.
  9. The outpouring of debris and renewed earth tremors followed a morning of relative calm.
  10. Removal of ground water and accelerated cooling of rock formations can cause earth tremors.
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