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  1. A number of radioactive dust plume headed northeast and then east towards the Mississippi River.
  2. This is accomplished at multiple breakouts, generating gas and dust for the visible dust plume.
  3. The international team tracked and sampled dust plumes from ground stations, aircraft, ships and by satellite.
  4. The size of the plume deposit is consistent with being formed by Thor's inner dust plume.
  5. "These dust plumes don't go away right away.
  6. CALIPSO regularly tracks the Sahara-Amazon dust plume.
  7. By summer, thunderstorms change the circulation, disrupting the large dust plumes and raining out much of the pollution.
  8. That's a dust plume from a reasonably large controlled demolition, or blasting in an open-pit mine or construction project.
  9. Mike chases after a dust plume, which he thinks is made by Lao, but only finds three wooden balls.
  10. Researchers hoped that ultraviolet radiation, shining through the dust plume from the crash, would bear the spectral signature of water.
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