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  1. Vertical flue gas flow path improves the cleanability with high dust loading.
  2. Practical whenever the dust loading in each dust collector cycle does not exceed the filter capacity.
  3. A low-altitude detonation produces a cloud with a dust loading of 100 tons per megaton of yield.
  4. Although the efficiency is not high, this fan is well suited for applications with extremely high dust loading.
  5. Moving-filter monitors are often used in applications where loading of the filter medium with dust is an issue; this dust loading reduces the air flow over time.
  6. The datasets " suggest generally colder atmospheric temperatures and lower dust loading in recent decades on Mars than during the Viking Mission, " although Viking data had previously been revised downward.
  7. However, these fans can only be used for conveying air with low dust loading because they are the most sensitive to particle build-up, but also due to the large number of blades that forward-curve wheels require.
  8. A military computer can be designed to operate in very adverse environments with extremes of temperature such as-20C to + 65C operating, 5 % to 95 % humidity levels, and high dust loading in the air as well as other insults to the hardware.
  9. Most baghouses use long, cylindrical bags ( or tubes ) made of woven or felted fabric as a filter medium . ( For applications where there is relatively low dust loading and gas temperatures are 250 �F or less, pleated, nonwoven cartridges are sometimes used as filtering media instead of bags . ) Dust-laden gas or air enters the baghouse through hoppers ( large funnel-shaped containers used for storing and dispensing particulate ) and is directed into the baghouse compartment.
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