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  1. Bison herds have dominance hierarchies that exist for both males and females.
  2. Genetic crosses of individuals found a general dominance hierarchy within the alleles.
  3. Male dragonets form dominance hierarchies and act extremely aggressively towards each other.
  4. Each group has multiple males, which establish a dominance hierarchy amongst themselves.
  5. Male aggression, interestingly, was not correlated with position in the dominance hierarchy.
  6. This conflict over reproduction in some cases results in a dominance hierarchy.
  7. Larger, older individuals often have an advantage during the establishment of dominance hierarchies.
  8. This dominance hierarchy is particularly helpful in explaining female-initiated agonistic behavior.
  9. The kype functions as a dominance hierarchies at the spawning grounds.
  10. In social groups of macaques, a clear dominance hierarchy is seen among females.
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