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  1. The solution he conceived would do credit to any modern politician.
  2. Such faith and self-belief do credit to Tinley in an industry where unfortunately these qualities are often not rewarded.
  3. To keep the mold in check, the ants long ago made a discovery that would do credit to any pharmaceutical laboratory.
  4. But Matic went a step further, outlining what he called a " big production " that would do credit to Hollywood.
  5. It was, he said, an " assault on the Yuppie-barbarians, which would do credit to a kick-boxer revved on crystal meth ."
  6. In 1854 Donaldson concluded that the accompanied " Farmer's Calendar, " in directions of monthly work, would do credit to any modern publication.
  7. Her beauty and her figure would do credit to most women half her age, which the actress attributes to a lifelong attention to healthy living.
  8. But soon enough, the expose turns into a hagiography as Gwen witnesses a parade of selfless acts by Van that would do credit to Mother Teresa.
  9. On a more positive note, Foster says that some of the Tanners'" research and analysis . . . would do credit to any professional historian ".
  10. And for 1923, Tait reported that the many small reserves and little gardens about the Town are looking well and do credit to our gardener, Mr Jolly.
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