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  1. People are saying they are going to do a runner, but I do not think they are.
  2. "I used to do a runner's conditioning program that was really rigorous, " he says.
  3. They released an album entitled " Do a Runner " on A & M Records, to mixed reviews.
  4. But when she spotted some priceless porcelain and tried to do a runner to France with it, Rodney caught her and she was forced to abandon her dreams.
  5. A suspicious Albert has already called in the police, and Marvin and Lyle attempt to do a runner from the front door with Lyle disguised as a woman.
  6. Katie heads home and the bailiffs arrive to repossess their home and they're left with one option-do a runner with as much stuff as they can.
  7. They are forced to break into a pharmacy to obtain insulin for Gladys's diabetes,'do a runner'from a petrol station and dodge police cameras on the M25.
  8. In 1980, as Athletico Spizz 80, Parker played on the album, " Do a Runner ", which spent five weeks on the UK Albums Chart, peaking at number 27.
  9. Beyond the increased risk of some sort of confrontation, there's also the risk you'll either do a runner or more likely carelessly put yourself at risk before they can stop you, especially on a motorway.
  10. Jim Squires, writing for Gamezebo, stated the game " is both how you do a runner right AND how you do a superhero game right . " For 148Apps . com, Jennifer Allen wrote, " Despite [ some problems ], " Spider-Man Unlimited " is a surprisingly well-made endless runner ".
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