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  1. In T7 bacteriophages myricetin competitively inhibited DNA template binding to RNA polymerase.
  2. DNA polymerase s ability to slide along the DNA template allows increased processivity.
  3. Are all methods to make a molecular processor based on using a DNA template?
  4. Sanger sequencing ), preferably by using the same primer on the DNA template strand.
  5. Pre-mRNA is synthesized from a DNA template in the cell nucleus by transcription.
  6. In the second step, two sequence specific primers hybridise to each border of the DNA template.
  7. PCNA fully encircles the DNA template strand and must be loaded onto DNA at the replication fork.
  8. In each droplet, DNA template anneals to the P1-coupled bead from its A1 side.
  9. It starts with the spotting and immobilization of an array of DNA templates onto a glass slide.
  10. Complementarity is also utilized in DNA transcription, which generates an RNA strand from a DNA template.
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