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  1. The esperamicins are extremely toxic DNA splicing compounds.
  2. Of course, this might also disrupt whatever genes now have the new chunk of DNA spliced in, so there's some risk there.
  3. Yorkshire pigs _ their cells containing DNA spliced from mice and a strain of bacteria _ produced in labs at the university over the past two months are thought to be the first animals designed specifically to combat an environmental problem.
  4. However, the man reveals to him that Flinx was the product of so much DNA splicing that he has no real parents; no father who donated sperm, and his dead mother was nothing more than a surrogate womb for hire.
  5. The one-celled bacteria and spores involved in the new research offer little of the big-screen star power demonstrated by " Jurassic Park's " dinosaurs, whose resurrection through DNA splicing remains a matter of science fiction.
  6. Inside the auditorium, the crux of the expert debate was whether genetic engineering is simply an extension of traditional plant breeding practices, or whether DNA splicing represents a radically new technique that demanded more safety studies than foods grown the old-fashioned way.
  7. There are many types of intelligent life : nearbaselines ( enhanced humans ), posthumans, cyborgs, vecs ( intelligent robots; named for Hans Moravec ), aioids ( intelligent computers ), uplift "-see below ), rianths ( humans with animal DNA spliced in ), splices ( similar to provolves, upgraded with human DNA ), neogens ( life genetically synthesized from non-life ) and xenosophonts ( aliens ).
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