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  1. Once the atom has diffused into the dislocation core the atom will stay.
  2. with G is the shear modulus, \ nu is Poisson's ratio, and r _ 0 is the radius of the dislocation core.
  3. Leaving the sample to age, by holding it at room temperature for a few hours, enables the carbon atoms to rediffuse back to dislocation cores, resulting in a return of the upper yield point.
  4. In many cases of defects such as dislocations, topography is not directly sensitive to the defects themselves ( atomic structure of the dislocation core ), but predominantly to the strain field surrounding the defect region.
  5. For example, in materials with a body-centered cubic ( bcc ) lattice the DBTT is readily apparent, as the motion of screw dislocations is very temperature sensitive because the rearrangement of the dislocation core prior to slip requires thermal activation.
  6. While in the case of tilted crystallites, domain walls, grain boundaries etc . orientation contrast occurs on a macroscopic scale, it can also be generated more locally around defects, e . g . due to curved lattice planes around a dislocation core.
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