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  1. The diradical occurs in the two degenerate ? * antibonding orbitals.
  2. Discrete molecules with a diradical nature are singlet oxygen and triplet oxygen.
  3. This is because, as a diradical, it has unpaired electrons.
  4. That is unless the potential energy surface is perturbed to favor the diradical.
  5. The diradical ground-state normally undergoes abstraction reactions.
  6. That's 8 orbitals, a double bond, and a diradical.
  7. Although the Cope rearrangement is diradical.
  8. These compounds generate the diradical intermediate described above which can cause single and double stranded DNA cuts.
  9. However, depending on the nature of the dipole and dipolarophile, diradical or zwitterionic intermediates are possible.
  10. These reaction mechanisms proceed through the lowest free energy transition states compared to the diradical and dyotropic mechanisms.
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