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  1. This is the Dirac equation for a delta function source in spacetime.
  2. The Dirac equation is now known to apply for all massive spin-fermions.
  3. This article developed the Dirac equation using four vectors and Schr�dinger operators.
  4. Let s consider an electron in hydrogen-like ion obeying relativistic Dirac equation.
  5. This is not the case for the Dirac equation and its energy-momentum tensor.
  6. See Dirac spinor for details of solutions to the Dirac equation.
  7. For a Majorana spinor, the Majorana equation is equivalent to the Dirac equation.
  8. This falls back to the Dirac equation and the Klein-Gordon equation.
  9. In the Dirac equation and other relativistic wave equations, terms of the form:
  10. If one varies this with respect to one gets the Adjoint Dirac equation.
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