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  1. Lineations are measured in terms of dip and dip direction, if possible.
  2. The orientation of a fold axial plane is measured in strike and dip or dip and dip direction.
  3. However, distinctive reversals in dip directions are found in south-western Iceland which indicate an anticline.
  4. Fold axis plunge is measured in dip and dip direction ( strictly, plunge and azimuth of plunge ).
  5. Geometrically the vergence is determined with respect to the up-dip direction of the axial plane of the fold.
  6. The angle that the bed makes with the horizontal, along the dip direction, is written next to the dip line.
  7. Linear features are measured with very similar methods, where " plunge " is the dip angle and " trend " is analogous to the dip direction value.
  8. Compass-clinometers which measure dip and dip direction in a single operation ( as pictured ) are often called " stratum " or " Klar " compasses after a German professor.
  9. The foresets are deposited at the angle of repose ( ~ 34 degrees from the horizontal ), so geologists are able to measure dip direction of the cross-bedded sediments and calculate the paleoflow direction.
  10. where parameter A is the angle formed between the discontinuity and the slope strikes for planar and toppling failures modes and the angle formed between the intersection of the two discontinuities ( the plunge direction ) and the dip direction of the slope for wedge failure.
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