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  1. The government accuses the movement of spreading deviationist Islamic teachings.
  2. He called the Armed Islamic Group " deviationist and bloody ."
  3. Pusat Islam also started making allegations of'deviationist acts'against him.
  4. We will not hesitate to take action to save the Muslims from these deviationist teachings,
  5. In retirement, Molotov criticised Nikita Khrushchev for being a " right-wing deviationist ".
  6. For example, Mao Zedong in a 1953 speech referred to both " right " deviationists.
  7. Al Arqam leader Ashaari Muhamad reportedly claimed he was a messiah and was accused of deviationist teachings.
  8. Premier Khrushchev insulted Chairman Mao Zedong as " a nationalist, an adventurist, and a deviationist ".
  9. Russian communists in the 1920s called it avantyruizm and Lenin considered it so deviationist as to border on revisionism.
  10. Are they waiting to see Anand and Chuan's deviationist ideology come into play after the next election?
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