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  1. Depolarisation of the membrane will result in the release of CGRP1.
  2. This is called depolarisation and occurs spontaneously.
  3. During ventricular contraction, the wave of depolarisation moves from the endocardial to the epicardial surface.
  4. Hodgkin was also the discoverer of cell membrane depolarisation sequence now known as the Hodgkin cycle.
  5. Absolute refractory period corresponds to depolarisation and repolarisation, whereas relative refractory period corresponds to hyperpolarisation.
  6. This causes depolarisation, which is passed as a signal to the brain along the vestibulocochlear nerve.
  7. Decrease in myocardial mass of the left ventricle will shift the balance of depolarisation towards the right.
  8. The S4 segment is the voltage sensor, which moves out during depolarisation of the cell membrane.
  9. Firstly, more muscle mass will result in greater amplitude of depolarisation of that side of the heart.
  10. Calcium cations result in the activation of TRPM5 which leads to a depolarisation generating potential and an action potential.
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