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  1. Dwayne Clark and Michael-Demy Cain are both smooth baritones.
  2. Michel Legrand composed the score, to Demy's lyrics.
  3. Chabrol, Godard, Jacques Demy and Rivette appear in minor roles.
  4. He was a Demy ( Scholar ) at Magdalen College, Oxford.
  5. The casting of Demy's son Mathieu as Olivier underscores the lineage.
  6. But while Demy turned tedium into poetry, Ozon mostly aims to entertain.
  7. Ms . Deneuve says Demy was very single-minded about the film.
  8. The resulting film recaptured Demy's vision of a fantastically colourful Cherbourg.
  9. Such reappearances are typical of Demy's work.
  10. Demy's work as an actor ranges from romantic comedy to drama.
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