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  1. New sheriffdoms enabled the King to effectively administer royal demesne land.
  2. At the time the demesne included Craigie House and 232 acres.
  3. Soon nothing will obscure Watson's full view of his demesne.
  4. The two brothers made peace and returned to their demesnes.
  5. The Keys hold sovereign power in their own demesne and their day.
  6. Then the village belonged to the demesne of Bogdan Belsky.
  7. It was built in 1785 and forms part of the Downhill Demesne.
  8. Until the 13th century the Manor of Kingsteignton was a crown demesne.
  9. The manor was not held in demesne like other manors.
  10. Most of these tenants in demesne and also the tenant paravail ).
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