deliver the goods sentence in Hindi

"deliver the goods" meaning in Hindi  


  1. If Hariri can deliver the goods, it could soon look whole again.
  2. He called his friends on a cellphone to deliver the good news.
  3. Red Cross workers were trying to arrange boats to deliver the goods.
  4. -- Can globalization deliver the goods in terms of higher living standards?
  5. Others, however, wonder whether the computer system ever will deliver the goods.
  6. And they easily become frustrated with sites that don't deliver the goods.
  7. The question is : Can we deliver the goods in this medium?
  8. In my view, then, the Monster 3D delivers the goods very well.
  9. Their book delivers the goods, and not just in a theoretical way.
  10. But the scrappy young quartet delivers the goods throughout this lively album.
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