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"deliver over" meaning in Hindi  


  1. In this picture we deliver over 50 minutes of effects.
  2. They can deliver over 35 MPa ( 5000 psi ).
  3. The hospital delivers over 10, 000 babies per year.
  4. He shall receive the government dues and shall deliver over the same to the Premier.
  5. They're numbers that mean a guy was able to deliver over the long haul.
  6. Mainstream have helped deliver over 2, 500 MW of significant infrastructure projects around the world.
  7. IngentaConnect supports over 31 million user sessions and delivers over 1 million full text articles each month.
  8. I have been experiencing emotional fatigue from having to deliver over and over again moments of my past.
  9. The value it will deliver over time is much greater than the value you get on first analysis.
  10. It annually delivers over 30, 000 chemotherapy treatments and undertakes around 3, 700 operations every year.
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