deliriously sentence in Hindi

"deliriously" meaning in Hindi  


  1. We Boomers should be deliriously happy with Bill _ and Hillary.
  2. They offer the look of someone deliriously proud to be employed.
  3. This comic jigsaw puzzle is crammed with deliriously funny little bits.
  4. The crowd of over 42, 000 fans became deliriously happy.
  5. If ignorance is bliss, we must be a deliriously happy lot.
  6. The script and direction mercilessly, deliriously, take things too far.
  7. "They're all deliriously happy ."
  8. Each nevertheless remains as deliriously self-absorbed as before.
  9. Richichi thinks it will last long enough to make Seattle deliriously happy.
  10. His oracle spoke out, often deliriously, and exerted wide influence.
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