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  1. The delete character is strictly a control character, not a graphic character.
  2. In addition to further corrections, the Ji edition greatly shortened the text, by for example deleting characters'titles.
  3. However, if O2 is executed without transformation, it incorrectly deletes character " b " rather than " c ".
  4. When one of the latter is invoked in the GL region, the space and delete characters ( codes 0x20 and 0x7F ) are not available.
  5. However, many modern character sets deviate from ISO 646, and as a result a graphic character might occupy the position originally reserved for the delete character.
  6. Conversely, for simpler operations, specialized Unix utilities such as grep ( print lines matching a pattern ), tr ( translate or delete characters ) are often preferable.
  7. On Unix-like systems, the delete key is usually mapped to ESC [ 3 ~ which is the VT220 escape code for the " delete character " key.
  8. In MIIS, the value false is the empty string and the value of true is a string consisting of the ASCII delete character ( code 127 decimal ).
  9. But software must be more sophisticated, only accepting or creating valid multi-byte characters, and always treating multi-byte characters as one character whenever counting, copying, comparing, inserting, or deleting characters .)
  10. While retaining key characters and the basic plot of the original, Hwang changes the story considerably _ adding and deleting characters, moving songs around and even assigning them to new singers.
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