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  1. He also automatically loses his offices, roles and delegated powers.
  2. The principal may also delegate powers and duties related to discipline.
  3. It is now the select committee on delegated powers and regulatory reform.
  4. The territorial authorities may delegate powers to local community boards.
  5. Parliament should not delegate power to unelected officials without adequate accountability mechanisms.
  6. "Arafat doesn't delegate powers, " the adviser said.
  7. Furthermore, the minting of coins by Hyrcanus demonstrates Hyrcanus willingness to delegate power.
  8. Marshall's words and future court decisions gave Congress much latitude in delegating powers.
  9. Other proclamations and regulations may be made or issued by the conferral of delegated powers.
  10. In January 2017, President Nazarbayev proposed constitutional reforms that would delegate powers to the parliament.
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