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  1. Defensive firing galleries were built along the southern side of the castle.
  2. All the work was done under murderous defensive fire from Gaeta.
  3. But the attack soon came to a halt due to Soviet defensive fire.
  4. Rice was shot, he said, and " our people returned defensive fire ."
  5. Defensive fire from Italian coastal guns killed six men aboard " Novara ".
  6. Overlapping mutually supporting defensive fire was the greatest advantage enjoyed by the star fort.
  7. Defensive fire from the Devastators shot down one of " Akagi " s Zeros.
  8. Calvert also established a defensive fire plan to coordinate machine gun and mortar fire.
  9. This screening force was broken up by UNC defensive fires.
  10. "We didn't come out with the offensive or defensive fire that we should have.
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