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  1. The actual encapsulation and decapsulation takes place in Cisco routers at each end of a DLSw peer connection.
  2. The backbone edge bridges map frames to and from an I-SID and perform the MAC header encapsulation and decapsulation functions.
  3. EoS also drops the " idle " packets of the Ethernet frame before encapsulating the Ethernet frame to GFP, which is recreated at the other end during decapsulation process.
  4. When used by a host, it must have a global IPv4 address connected, and the host is responsible for encapsulation of outgoing IPv6 packets and decapsulation of incoming 6to4 packets.
  5. The company s testing resources include decapsulation, chemical testing, x-ray testing, x-ray fluorescence, functionality testing for a range of components . as is its Hong Kong laboratory.
  6. After traversing SDH paths, the traffic is processed in the reverse fashion : virtual concatenation path processing to recreate the original synchronous byte stream, followed by decapsulation to converting the synchronous data stream to an asynchronous stream of Ethernet frames.
  7. It has also been suggested that the new student protesters did not shun the politicization of their activities, as they were seeking a " decapsulation " and unlike the other occupiers were open to cooperating with political parties and civil society organizations that are in opposition to the Oresharski government, as well as with football fan clubs.
  8. MAP-T results in stateless NAT64 operation on both CPE router ( within the home network ) and on the Border router ( within the operator network ), whereas MAP-E results in stateless encapsulation / decapsulation of IPv4-over-IPv6 packets on both CPE router ( within the home network ) and on the Border router ( within the operator network ).
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