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  1. "Dalbergia sissoo " ( Indian rosewood ) is primarily used for furniture in northern India.
  2. The shell is sometimes made from sheesham wood ( dalbergia sissoo ) but cheaper dholaks may be made from any wood, such as mango.
  3. Dalbergia sissoo, Acacia nilotica, Zizyphus sp, Ficus sp, alien Prosopis juliflora in large clumps and other trees are planted along the embankment.
  4. Ethanolic extract of the fruits of " Dalbergia sissoo " ( family Leguminosae ) exhibited molluscicidal effect against eggs of " Biomphalaria pfeifferi ".
  5. The sanctuary has areas of swamp forest, dry riverine forest, and khair-sissoo forest ( " Acacia catechu-Dalbergia sissoo " ).
  6. "Dalbergia " species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species including " Bucculatrix mendax " which feeds exclusively on " Dalbergia sissoo ".
  7. Many once popular uses for " D . latifolia " wood have now been replaced with " Dalbergia sissoo " wood and engineered rosewood's, for economic purposes in cottage industries.
  8. Its export is highly regulated due to recent high rates of death due to unknown causes . " Dalbergia sissoo ", which has historically been the primary rosewood species of northern India . This wood is strong and tough.
  9. The heartwood is golden to dark brown; the specific gravity is 0.7  0.8 ) and is very resistant to fungi; but the sapwood is readily attacked by dry-wood termites and borers . " Dalbergia sissoo " is known to contain the neoflavonoid dalbergichromene in its stem-bark and heartwood.
  10. The most common species of flora are " Dalbergia sissoo " ( Sheesham ) and " Acacia nilotica " ( Kikar ), both members of the Fabaceae and native to the Indian subcontinent . " Morus alba " ( white mulberry ) was also introduced to the plantation and became popular in cultivation throughout South Asia.
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