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  1. But that hasn't curbed Sweeney's bluster any.
  2. Injuries have curbed the development of a newly installed running game.
  3. Special Medicare payments that help support teaching hospitals could be curbed.
  4. Not even the crash of TWA Flight 800 curbed their wanderlust.
  5. The government had curbed years of wild inflation and widespread terrorism.
  6. So what has curbed Robbins's once-raging appetite?
  7. Lingering concern that copper production may be curbed also boosted prices.
  8. In 1965, state regulators curbed Stiltsville's freewheeling ways.
  9. But the exchange programs themselves should be extended, not curbed.
  10. Cosmopolitan has curbed its infamously titillating tone for this new spinoff.
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