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  1. Cesare Lombroso and the Origins of Criminology : Rethinking Criminological Tradition.
  2. It is the largest professional criminological society in the world.
  3. Tarde's criminological studies served as the underpinning of his later sociology.
  4. These influences were criminological, criminalistic, scientific, technological and even fictional.
  5. The criminal spin : Towards an alternative criminological theory.
  6. Matthew Robinson's previous books have been noteworthy additions to the criminological literature.
  7. Cain argued that each of them has tested the limits of traditional criminological formulations.
  8. Advances in Criminological Theory, Volume 14.
  9. In addition to the study of GBQM drug use, he also examines critical criminological pedagogy.
  10. She officially retired in 1964, becoming a professor emerita, but continued her criminological work.
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