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  1. But this administration no longer cooks the books merely on fiscal matters.
  2. They just want to use optimistic, rosy economics and cook the books.
  3. They then force statisticians from higher levels of government to cook the books.
  4. And they will cook the books to pursue their own interests.
  5. Max begs Leo to cook the books to hide the discrepancy.
  6. They just want to use optimistic and rosy assumptions and to cook the books.
  7. What drives executives to cook the books seems painfully obvious : It's greed, isn't it?
  8. And recording ( that revenue ) showed that the company was acting to cook the books.
  9. Is Lake Havasu going to cook the books?
  10. And with revelations that Enron's outside accountants helped cook the books, whom can you trust anymore?
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