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  1. Mugging convulsively, Reynolds brings a blissful vacancy to the role of the sleazy pol.
  2. Crazed behemoths blot out the sun, lurching convulsively, foam escaping from throbbing lips.
  3. Most moved was Symington's youngest son, Tom, 14, who sobbed convulsively.
  4. Much of this is convulsively funny.
  5. Lilly sobs convulsively while she packs up the money as her son bleeds to death on the floor.
  6. But when asked how his life is now, his eyes darted convulsively as he pushed his bike away.
  7. Many members of the audience, myself included, were sobbing convulsively in the production's final moments.
  8. Goldman's sister, Kimberly, looked down to the floor and sobbed convulsively, despite the caresses of her father.
  9. Most moved by the verdict was Symington's youngest son, Tom, 14, who flushed crimson and wept convulsively.
  10. "Tarnation, " a tortured, inspired, convulsively beautiful film memoir by former Houstonian Jonathan Caouette, is a masterpiece.
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