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  1. Insulin coma therapy and the convulsive therapies are collectively known as the shock therapies.
  2. Prior to Cade's animal testing, manic-depressives were treated with a lobotomy or electro-convulsive therapy.
  3. Her death led Harlow to depression, for which he was treated with electro-convulsive therapy.
  4. Desperate, Helena employs a modified electro-convulsive therapy to jolt him out of this inexplicable coma.
  5. This law has extra protections for electro convulsive therapy.
  6. He suffered from bipolar disorder, and received electro-convulsive therapy.
  7. The hospital has 12 Electro-convulsive therapy for 20 years.
  8. ECT originated as a new form of convulsive therapy, rather than as a completely new treatment.
  9. In the 1950s more aggressive treatments, such as lobotomy and electro-convulsive therapy ( ECT ) were implemented.
  10. He later had a leading role in the biological therapies, such as insulin coma and convulsive therapy.
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