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  1. Compulsory attendance also ends when children complete sixteen credits in high school.
  2. The Elementary Education Act 1880 insisted on "'compulsory attendance "'from 5 10 years.
  3. Additionally, they say cyber schools may not meet compulsory attendance and instructional requirements.
  4. The process of cultural assimilation began here, with compulsory attendance at Christian services mandated.
  5. The compulsory attendance was abolished, not the conscription.
  6. In the European part of Netherlands, compulsory attendance has been officially suspended since 1 May 1997.
  7. "It's a violation of the Compulsory Attendance Law, Education Code of the State of Texas, Section 25.093,"
  8. The reforms included extended compulsory attendance, coeducation, support for teacher initiatives and local control by elected school boards.
  9. The main reason for that was compulsory attendance of Public schools and Anti-German sentiments because of the war.
  10. In December 1917, State compulsory attendance for pupils age 6-16, authorizing junior high schools, and among other provisions.
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