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  1. To do this it is necessary to correlate the RBI reading with the compass heading.
  2. Digital compass headings were superimposed on the imagery and the controller could add verbal comments.
  3. We had two on deck in one-hour shifts, one giving compass headings and the other steering.
  4. Dials and gauges that can be clicked on set the boat's depth, engine speed and compass heading.
  5. Our Global Positioning System came in handy marking coordinates of snorkeling spots and for its compass headings.
  6. :The section title uses the word " heading ", by which I'm guessing you mean compass heading.
  7. I began to wonder what happened to the lights that I had been using to confirm my compass heading.
  8. The bearing plate is rotated to the compass heading and locked, thereby recording the wind direction for future reference.
  9. A compass heading of 169 degrees would be due south .-- talk 18 : 01, 16 October 2009 ( UTC)
  10. The spotter call out the compass heading of the direction that enemies are in as they come within a certain range.
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