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  1. The combined result of Deviation and Variation is called Compass Error.
  2. Since magnetic and gyrocompasses show the course to steer, the officer must be able to determine and correct for compass errors.
  3. Sailors used these charts to correct for compass errors, lest they sail off course and smash their ships, cargoes and skulls on unknown shores.
  4. Large amounts of ferrous metal combined with the on-and-off electrical fields caused by the vehicle's ignition and charging systems generally result in significant compass errors.
  5. With the aid of scales printed on the frame it also helps with such miscellaneous tasks as converting time, distance, speed, and temperature values, compass errors, and calculating fuel use.
  6. They arrived at Tarawa on 18  November 19 . During a reconnaissance patrol, they discovered an eleven-degree compass error in the old British charts for the entrance into the Tarawa Atoll.
  7. The Intelligence Department assisted, by having complete courses mapped out, already corrected for compass error and wind deflection; this, together with reliable information from the Meteorological Department, enabled aircraft to fly on days that would otherwise have been lost.
  8. Prior to the " Almanach ", navigators seeking to determine their position in the high seas had to correct for " compass error " ( the deviation of the magnetic north from the true north ) by recourse to the astrolabe allowed navigators to take accurate readings anywhere.
  9. Since the time of Prince Henry the Navigator, " compass error " ( the exact deviation of the magnetic north from the true north ) could be corrected in the northern hemisphere by recourse to the position of northern Pole Star ( observed on board via the quadrant ), thus allowing navigators to determine the correct position of the ship.
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