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  1. Ligand-based methods typically require a fraction of a second for a single structure comparison operation.
  2. The predicate agrees with the normal comparison operations when they say one floating point number is less than another.
  3. The normal comparison operations however treat NaNs as unordered and compare  " 0 and + 0 as equal.
  4. This can also be problematic if a data type only provides a comparison operation, but not a ( de ) serialization operation.
  5. Performing operations on the column vectors is faster than processing one row at a time for most comparison operations . talk ) 13 : 25, 16 December 2014 ( UTC)
  6. If the implementation does not ensure atomicity of the increment, decrement and comparison operations, then there is a risk of increments or decrements being forgotten, or of the semaphore value becoming negative.
  7. An upper-bounded ? operator would require an additional register " ub " to contain the number that represents the upper bound plus an additional comparison operation; an algorithm could provide for both lower-and upper bounds ."
  8. If the target program picks up the value from a " random " location in memory ( one it doesn't'own'usually ), it may for example be nulls ( X " 00 " ) in almost every normal situation and the program works OK . If the monitoring program shifts the load point, it may pick up say X " FF " and the logic would cause different results during a comparison operation.
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